Photo op: WPI Booth at the electric & hybrid vehicle technology conference in Novi, MI.

Sonoma, CA
October 03, 2017


TOP: Jim Hagerty, President, Craig Huber, Automotive Business Unit Manager and Dan Paulson, Wireless Business Unit Manager at the electric & hybrid/The Battery Show in Novi, MI.
BOTTOM: World Products Inc. display.

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Photo op: WPI Booth at the electronica India show in Bangalore.

Sonoma, CA
October 02, 2017

electronica IndiaBooth

Mark Beynon, International Sales Manager with WPI local India sales and technical support team.

World Products Inc.® is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP)


WPI Announces New Rep: ALDERS® electronic GmbH

Sonoma, CA
June 29, 2017

ALDERS Indicate. Control. Connect.

What defines a successful business? It’s the team members and their strengths.

And what defines a successful business partnership? Among other things, its values such as trust, commitment and persistence.

For World Products Inc.® these are essential qualities, which support our decision to collaborate with ALDERS® electronic GmbH. In addition, ALDERS® is not only a specialist for electronic and electromechanical solutions, they also transfer their expertise during consultations and production of small series and custom solutions.

World Products Inc.® is extremely excited to begin our relationship with ALDERS® in providing the finest quality products and support for Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland.

World Products Inc.® is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP)


WPI Announces New Rep in Poland

Sonoma, CA
April 26, 2017


World Products Inc.® (WPI) is pleased to announce that Piotr Ekiert and ARPE will represent WPI products in Poland.

Contact information:
ARPE sp. z o.o.
Lakie 9
77-143 Studzienice, Poland
Phone: +48-59 725-50-03

World Products Inc.® is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP)


WPI Wireless Business Unit Announces New LTE Antennas

Sonoma, CA
March 31, 2017


The Wireless Business Unit of World Products Inc.® (WPI), announced today the commercial availability of its new product line of compact LTE Antennas. These rugged antennas provide excellent coverage in the international LTE Bands ranging from 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz.  This series of antennas is ideal for applications where high performance and omni-directionality are key. They are available with either black or white ray domes and can be customized to meet specific customer criteria.

WPANT30201 Datasheet Download

WPANT30202 Datasheet Download

WPANT30211 Datasheet Download

World Products Inc.® is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP)


NEC/TOKIN Announces Change of Company Name, Company Split and Sale of the EMD Business

Tokyo, Japan
February 24, 2017

NEC/Tokin announced today that along with becoming a 100% subsidiary of KEMET Corporation, their EM Devices (Relay) business, one of their main businesses, will continue. In order to meet the strong and continuous demands of the Automotive market since 2010, NEC has actively made capital investments to the Philippine factory, their main manufacturing base. The Automotive Relay Products (Power Relay) are used to ensure safety and provide comfort. As demand for power relays is expected to remain strong into the future, continuous capital investments and investments into technology development remain of the utmost importance.

In consideration of this business environment and as a result of a careful analysis of the business portfolio, relative to the EM Devices (Relay) business, NEC has decided to incorporate a 100% subsidiary named "EM Devices Corporation" by means of a company split. On the same date as such incorporation, NEC will sell all the outstanding shares of EM Devices Corporation to NTJ Holdings 1 Ltd., special purpose entity that is owned by funds managed or operated by Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. (CEO: Hidemi Moue, located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), with which NEC has entered into a definitive sales agreement. The date of the incorporation and the shares sale is scheduled to be April 3, 2017.

For more information, please download the official announcement here.

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Ebusbar® and World Products Inc.® Forge Agreements For New Sales and Distribution Channels

Sonoma, CA
October 27, 2016

World Products Inc® (WPI) is pleased to announce that we have finalized a contract with Ebusbar® for the Worldwide Sales and Distribution Rights for the entire Ebusbar® product offering which includes busbars,charging stations, high voltage connectors and cables.

Additionally, WPI is announcing that we have exclusivity on High Voltage High Current Relays for EV in North America.

Ebusbar® and World Products Inc.® see this newly formed partnership as a significant opportunity for us in the emerging Electric Vehicle Market.

For more details and datasheets please contact World Products Inc.®at, or your salesperson at WPI.


World Products Inc.®
For over 45 years, World Products Inc.® (WPI) has worked with Tier 1 automotive suppliers and has offered the highest quality products with superior technical support to the automotive industry. WPI brings additional value in today’s electric vehicle market with our award-winning customer service and a dedicated automotive sales force, while providing our customers with environmentally sound and technologically advanced products. WPI consistently delivers the highest quality products at competitive prices and we support our customers with a world-wide distribution network which assists their businesses to successfully compete in a global market.

Shenzhen Busbar Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd. (Ebusbar®) is a service-oriented new- and high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of low carbon and high performance products which are widely used in renewable energy industry. Ebusbar covers mainly five production lines including bus bar, charging connector, charging terminal, high voltage connector and cell connector, which enable us to satisfy the global development of electric vehicles.

Facilitated with advanced equipment and high-efficient production line, our professional and innovative engineers and experienced specialists have successfully satisfied our customers of various demands and requirements.With patented technology and technical applications, our core products have reached the international level in terms of both quality and performance. Ebusbar® has consequently been awarded 2011 TOP 10 Most Famous Brand of Power Supply Industry (Charging Equipment) and 2011 TOP 50 Most Innovative Enterprise in Energy Saving and EV Industry in China.


World Products Inc.® is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP)


World Products Inc.® and EDOTH Attend Electronica/Productronica India 2016 in Bangalore India.

Sonoma, CA
October 26, 2016

EDOTH  Mohan

(Left) Mark Beynon (President, WPI) with WPI local representative Naveen Pailla (Edoth).
(Right) Mark Beynon (President, WPI) with WPI local distributor Mohan S.S (Electro Spec Systems).


World Products Inc.® Standard Varistor vs Thermally Protected Varistor Testing VIDEO

Sonoma, CA
July 20, 2016



Milano Brothers Join WPI Sales Force

Sonoma. CA
February 01, 2016

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that Milano Brothers Int. Corp. will represent WPI products in Italy. Mark Beynon, WPI President said, “We recognize that Italy is a very competitive/challenging market therefore it has taken us some time to find the right partner. Milan Brothers is an established, high quality supplier of electronic products who provides the necessary market insight and support which are required for WPI’s long term success in Italy”.




WPI Wireless Business Unit Announces New Product Line

Sonoma. CA
January 29, 2016

The Wireless Business Unit of World Products Inc.®, announced today the commercial availability of its new product line of Isolator Couplers. These components provide excellent isolation from RF noise and high voltages that typicallyexist in electric meters. They help protect both the RF and Integrated Circuitry in Smart Meter and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). These Isolator Couplers are rated for 250 Volts AC and are designed to be used in line with either an internal or external antenna. They also can be customized to meet specific customer criteria. Download a pdf datasheet.


Please contact us for additional information:


WPI Adds UNIREP as New Rep in France

Sonoma. CA
January 06, 2016

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that UNIREP Electronic will represent WPI products in France. Mark Beynon, WPI President said, “We are very excited to add UNIREP Electronic to our European team. UNIREP brings over 30 years experience in the French market and we further look forward to working directly with Jerome Duffau, UNIREP Sales Manager to define major opportunities to expand our sales efforts”.

Jerome Duffau, UNIREP Sales Manager


WPI Granted US Patent

Sonoma. CA
November 05, 2015

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that it has been granted a US Patent (US 9,165,702 B2) on October 20, 2015 for their EVTD Series Thermally Protected Varistors.

patent-seal    EVTD-image

• High energy handling capability
• Wide voltage range available: 50VAC – 550VAC
• Rated to 50 kA
• Multiple diagnostic options (micro-switch locations both on top & bottom, on top only or on bottom only)
• Industry standard footprint
• UL1449 and CUL 3rd Edition recognized. File #E321567*. All values presently recognized except EVTD34V300K and micro-switch location option “C”, which is pending.
• RoHS compliant
• Exceeds industry standard operating and storage temperatures for this type of device. Rated at -40ºC to +85º.


IC Blue LTD to represent WPI in UK & Europe

Sonoma. CA
October 22, 2015

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that as of October 23, 2015, IC Blue LTD headquartered in the UK with global coverage, will represent WPI’s products for Telecom & Industrial Control products and WPI Antennas. Mark Beynon, WPI President said “We are very impressed with the capabilities and market reach that IC Blue can provide to us and we are extremely confident in our mutual success – we look forward to beginning our cooperation with this esteemed company."




New High Performance Ruggedized Antenna Series Announced

Sonoma. CA
September 1, 2015

World Products Inc.® announced the availability of its new series of high performance ruggedized antennas designed to withstand severe weather conditions (IP67 rated). These antennas are also vandal resistant (IK10 tested) and are available in multiple RF bands and protocols including 4G, LTE, WiFi, GPS, Glonass, and ISM. Cable lengths and connectors can be customized.


Please contact us for additional information:


Ashtec, Inc., new WPI rep for New England

Sonoma. CA
July 1, 2015

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that Ashtec, Inc., will be representing WPI in the New England Area. David Redemer, WPI Regional Sales Manager said, “Neil Gould and his team are a perfect fit for World Products. Their combination of experience and core values mesh well with our philosophy and our products. On behalf of everyone at World Products, I would like to welcome Neil and his team to the WPI family.”


Leonard Drewes - WPI Engineering Manager, receives IEEE C62.36 and UL 1449 STP Awards


Sonoma. CA
May 26, 2015

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that our Engineering Manager Leonard Drewes has received awards for his participation in both the UL 1449 Standard Technical Panel and the IEEE Power and Energy Society - Surge Protective Devices Committee.


Edoth and WPI Partnering To Cover India

Sonoma, California
August 11, 2014

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that Edoth Electronics PVT Ltd. will represent all of WPI's products in India.  WPI has been associated with Edoth over the past few years for specific projects. WPI President Mark Beynon stated, "It made sense to finally partner with Edoth for all of WPI's products in India as they are such a strong/dependable sales organization. India is a very large, evolving market - however WPI feels confident that we will be extremely successful with Edoth leading the way."


WPI and elec-rep UK Team Up


Sonoma, California
May 30, 2014

World Products Inc.® (WPI) is proud to announce that as of June 1, 2014, Elec-Rep UK Ltd. ( will represent WPI products in the UK. Mark Beynon, WPI President said, "We are extremely excited to be teaming up with Elec-Rep as they have an excellent understanding of the UK market and possess the key contacts at major accounts where WPI aspires to promote our products. We are confident of our mutual success with Elec-Rep leading the way for WPI in the UK."

PDF Download


Mark Beynon talks about World Products Inc.®

This podcast with Mark Beynon, President of World Products Inc.®, discusses some of the products and services that World Products Inc.® offers. World Products Inc.® provides real solutions to manufacturing and supply line issues with an electronic component product offering that is synergistic and focused on the major markets it serves, including Automotive, Telecom, Industrial, Power Supply, Surge Suppression, Consumer and Wireless.